All content in The Glam Chapter is written by the owner of this blog, Sofia (if there is a piece of text taken from another blog or source, I will make sure to mention it).
Do not copy, publish or distribute the content of this blog without my permission.

All photos in this blog are taken and edited by me, (unless I say otherwise or it's obvious such as in this post or this one).
I own all rights of my images.
Please do not take them and use them as your own, if you want to use my photos, let me know and I will kindly let you use them if I think it's appropriate.

Most products I talk about in this blog are purchased with my own money.
If the product I am talking about is sponsored or it is a PR sample, I will always let you know.

My contect is 100% written and edited by me, even if it is sponsored, and it is completely honest.

I am PR friendly, I am always willing to hear PR collaboration offers, so if you are a company and you are trying to reach out to me, make sure you go to my Contact Me page.


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